Well this is the bio.

Iím supposed to tell you things about the band that will peak your interest in our music. Little personal tidbits that will humanize us, so that you will let us into your lives, and into your hearts. But, Iím just too jaded, and bitter to let us become pawns in the record industryís game. All they want is to eat our brains. This is not a metaphor. They literally want to eat our brains! Iím not talking about pedaling mediocre pop earworms that keep the masses from focusing on the important issues of the day. No, thatís stuffís great! I love that stuff!!

No, the record industry is dominated by Brain Eating Zombies. They scower the web, collecting information from musicianís bios. They use this intel, to track these musicans down and eat their brains. (It is a well known fact that musicans have the best tasting brains.)

So, no! Weíre not playing into their hands! You will learn nothing about our personal lives from this bio! Go suck on somebody else's gray matter head muncher!!

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